Mysterious lycanthrope and sound-explorer from Gothenburg, Sweden and surrounding forests. Ratvader is the sounds of game composer Oscar Sidoff Rydelius.


The Gunk


Ratvaders dream

Våg i fyra delar

Populus Run


The Gunk

One must purify the soul, until it begins to sound..

A composer is a musical instrument, and at the same time a performer on that instrument.

The instrument has to be in order to produce sound.

One must start with that.. not with the music.

Through the music the composer can check whether his instrument is tuned and to what key it is tuned. (Arvo Pärt, May 31, 2014)

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Unloading Bad Thoughts.

Visage; the Demiurge recreated in likeness of the Shamans. As they unload their burden upon her in hopes of shortsighted redemption.

Can there be?
Or will the Shamans be held accountable for penance tenfold?
Alas, it will all upon someone else to sort this mess...

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The Dreamgenerator

In an attempt to stretch the idea with the Ratvader's Dream album even further me and Oridnary made an audio visual playlist generator. A safe haven of music and sound to make life a little more stress free.. Loads of great music and new feelings in this one. Click the link below and dream away. ❤️❤️

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